Work History


Rebuilt and scaled their infrastructure with performant websites, imaging, video, mobile commerce, and data analysis platform, from season 1 of The Ultimate Fighter all the way through their multi-billion dollar exit.

New England Patriots
New England Patriots

Apart of the small team that rebuilt the New England Patriots technology including their website, Patriots365, Pro Shop, and multiple custom Super Bowl websites.

ATAC Global<sup>&#174;</sup>
ATAC Global®

Helped design, develop, and maintain ATAC's website, Range Day event, and extensive library of training videos.

ATAC University
ATAC University

Helped design, develop, and maintain ATAC's learning platform to help individuals develop and hone their skills.

ATAC Robotics<sup>&#174;</sup>
ATAC Robotics®

Engineered and maintained leading edge UAV's. Built an training and event portal to certify individuals with onsite flight training.

ATAC Rangeday<sup>&#174;</sup>
ATAC Rangeday®

Built an event registration system to connect brands, media, and individuals on upcoming products. Helped plan, setup, and run ATAC's Rangeday event.


Built a suite of services to support the entire chain of the cannabis industry, from Grow to Business to Customers. These services include a extensive strain database, analytics, HIPAA compliant online ordering, real time menus, in store displays, delivery services, and more.

Team Hytiva<sup>&#174;</sup>
Team Hytiva®

Push the limits on extreme sports, education, technology, and professionalism for the cannabis industry.


Suite of services and infrastructure to support cannabis production from flower to oil to end product.

Tommy Knife<sup>&#174;</sup>
Tommy Knife®

Apart of the team that helped relaunch Tommy Knife with new products, website, and services to streamline the business.

Code Tactics<sup>&#174;</sup>
Code Tactics®

A technology incubator and accelerator, providing the expertise, platforms, frameworks, automation, hardware, and infrastructure to help build businesses from the ground up.

Background Screening & Security Services
Background Screening & Security Services

Apart of a team that built a system pulling in and processing thousands of unique data sources to provide compliant criminal data searches to background companies everywhere.