About Daniel Gozick

Daniel is a co-founder and principal engineer at several technology companies that are at the forefront of emerging industries and technologies. He is passionate about using small, smart teams to find ways to support business development and growth through technological innovation.


Daniel's early life was marked by frequent relocation, which instilled in him a strong sense of self-reliance and a desire to learn new things. He has worked a variety of jobs, from mowing lawns and flipping burgers to packing 18-wheelers. In his spare time, he has launched several technology-based companies. His passion for personal growth has led him to a successful career and a fulfilling life for himself and his family.


Daniel is a seasoned product engineer with a proven track record of success in taking products from concept to market. He has worked with some of the world's largest companies, including the UFC and the New England Patriots, to architect and build their technology solutions. Daniel is passionate about learning and running businesses, and he believes that these are two of the greatest accomplishments one can achieve.

"In today’s rapidly changing technological landscape, business owners must be laser-focused, have strong analytical skills, and be able to say no."


After years of experience, he assembled a team of like-minded individuals to collaborate on future endeavors. He had learned from his successes and failures, and he was ready to take on new challenges.